Dialogue Rahayu and Arini

In motorcycle dealer

SP : Hello, miss. Can I help you?

C : Yes, please. I am interested in buying a motorcycle. Could you give me the pamphlet about leading motorcycle in the market, please?

SP : Certainly. The latest motorcycle is IE 1900 by Cessena.

C : That sounds interesting. Would you mind giving me some technical details about that motorcycle?

SP : I would be glad to.

C : Could you tell me about the engine, and the capacity, sis?

SP : Well, the engine is 125cc. It has tank which contains 10 liter capacity. So, the mileage would be 60 km/liter.

C : And, how about the choice of colors ?

SP : Miss, we have black, red, blue, and green.

C : How about the price, sis?

SP : It’s only Rp15.499.000,-

C : Okay, I’ll buy a Blue IE 1900 by Cessena.

SP : Could you fill this declaration, please?

C : Okay, I buy with my credit card. Here it is.

SP : Ok, wait a minutes.

C : When the motorcycle will be send to my house?

SP : Hmmm….. may be 2 weeks later, miss. I’ll call you again about it.

C : Okay. I’ll wait for your calling.

SP : Here your credit card. Thank you so much for buying a motorcycle from my dealer.

C : You’re welcome. Don’t forget to call me!

SP : Of course, miss.

–         The end –


Dwi Arini Ms as SP (Sales Person)

Rahayu Intan N as C (Customer)

By rahayuintan

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