Tragic relationship between the two crocodiles

and the elephant

One day there was an animal. They were 2 crocodiles, and the elephant. They lived at the zoo. Both crocodiles had same character. They are cruel. The elephant was patient, kind, and wise.

Two months ago, the first crocodile and the second crocodile had a plan. They planned for killing and eat the elephant. The crocodiles and the elephant were friends. The first crocodile and the second crocodile lived in the stable near the elephant’s stable. The crocodiles ate duck’s meat which has given b people. They were happy, because they got a lot of meat from people. They elephant got some food from people too. The elephant was sad, because he didn’t a lot of food. But the crocodiles still weren’t satisfied.

One day, the elephant got a lot of food from people. He was happy. But the crocodiles were sad, because they didn’t have a lot of food. So, the crocodiles had a good idea. They took people’s attention in order to get people’s attention. The plan was successful. Finally, they were happy. The elephant knew about that. Then the two crocodiles only pretended. And the elephant also would give his food for his best friend.

In the following day, there was an accident. At the moment the crocodile’s stable and the elephant’s stable become one, because the elephant’s stable was broken. The crocodiles were sad, and they thought that the place was their area. The keepers were divided into 2 places which were fenced by bamboo. The elephant felt frightened, because he lived with the two crocodiles. He was afraid, if the crocodiles ate him. Every day he couldn’t sleep. One day he would sleep, but he knew if the two crocodiles would tight him. Finally, the elephant got up, and he was angry.

The next day, the crocodiles invited their friend for collapsing this bamboo, using its tail, and its head. Their effort was successful. The elephant was startled and he left crocodile’s stable directly. The elephant couldn’t move in the right or left. The crocodiles ate him. The visitor also ran for leaving the place.

After one week later the accident was happened, the two crocodiles felt fault, because they had killed the elephant. Beside that they felt sad, because they didn’t have best friends. After 3 months later, the two crocodiles were death, because they were killed by their own friends. Finally from the accident, the zoo was closed.

by: Rahayu Intan


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